Training & Career Advancement

Leadership Development Programs

In addition to “The Yellow Rose Training,” JHM Hotels provides training focused on leadership, performance management, succession planning and personal development, as well as management and line-level training. JHM supports and promotes the training programs offered through its franchise partners and brands, while also providing company-focused training in critical areas.

Our line-level training includes:

  • Job-Specific Training
  • Safety Training
  • Yellow Rose Customer Service Training
  • Brand Training Programs
  • Management Development Program

There are many opportunities to learn, grow and be successful at JHM. We believe, with the right attitude and abilities, you can have a rewarding career with JHM Hotels—whether or not you have a background in hospitality.

The Yellow Rose Training

Our signature training program, “The Yellow Rose Training,” symbolizes JHM’s commitment to our guests to ensure 101% satisfaction during the course of their stay with us. Through this customer-service program, associates are empowered to care for our guests, to ensure their stay with us is both enjoyable and relaxing.

The Management Development Program (MDP)

Front-line associates and managers who wish to grow their career with JHM Hotels are invited to apply for The Management Development Program (MDP), which is offered once a year. Up to twenty associates are selected, company-wide, to attend a one-week training at the Corporate Office (Resource Center), followed by an independent study program for the next 6 months. Graduates are able to apply for upcoming management openings, and many associates have been promoted through the program.

  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Train the Trainer
  • Yellow Rose
  • Brand
  • Current Training Schedule