Our Story

A Legacy of Trust

Turn back the pages of time to over 36 years ago and discover the humble beginnings of JHM Hotels. It is truly the realization of the American dream.

The first motel

In 1969, H.P. Rama traveled to the U.S. from India to pursue an MBA degree at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. As H.P. kept up with his studies at night, he also worked a day job washing dishes and waiting tables at a Howard Johnson’s hotel restaurant. This was his first introduction to the hospitality industry. From there, his keen interest in the industry led him to purchase the 40-room Sunset Motel in Pomona, California.

Photo: Pamona, CA – 1973

A family-run business

Soon H.P. was joined by his brothers, M.P. and J.P., and later D.P. and R.P., and together they created a family business that has grown to be among the top fifty hotel management companies in the world. Today, JHM owns and operates 42 national hotels, representing various franchises, with over 7,000 rooms in six states. Several other properties are under development, with more projects scheduled in the near future. Additionally, JHM owns and operates a five-star hotel in Surat, India, developed in 1990 under the leadership of the late D.P. Rama.

Looking forward

Throughout this incredible three-decade journey, the Ramas have been exposed to rich and varied experiences in every sphere and facet of modern hotel development and management as owners, operators and developers. The lessons learned have led to the refinement of the JHM mission: the actualization of service, commitment, satisfaction and perfection.

Hard work, commitment and the spiritual strength of the Rama family have been the building blocks of the JHM Hotels brand. As a premier lodging company that now employs over 1,600 associates, JHM Hotels provides increasing financial strength and stability to our stakeholders—namely our guests, associates and owners.

Photo: J.P., M.P. and H.P. Rama with parents